We are organised as a virtual organisation to minimise costs whilst ensuring you get the best solution for your business Our members work with a wide range of businesses and organisations. For more information visit London Web Designer and Directgov.

A friendly, cost effective telephone answering service for small businesses who don’t have the resources to handle their telephone calls.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. When your friend’s son has gone off to college or decided he’d rather work in McDonald’s, who is going to update your website? You can save lot of money by installing commercial solar panels on your roof.

Standard accident or life insurance will only pay out to the individual affected – “keyman insurance pays out to the company.” Our specialist professional risks team are able to provide you with a broad range of options and advice in respect of your life cover requirements.
Please call Go Life on 01702 219560 for an immediate quote to protect your future.

When your website gets no visitors and you don’t get any enquiries from the web, who are you going to turn to? And why would you bother? After all, this whole web thing isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Sure some people make money out of their website but they probably spend millions on it.

We all can benefit from the digital age

Tomorrow marks the final stage in Scotland’s passage to fully digital television. With the completion of TV switchover across the central belt, we have made the transition from the analogue world to a fully inclusive age of improved quality and greater choice.

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