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The ICDC was started in 2002.

We aim to work to improve the competitiveness of the digital content sector through:

  • furthering discussion on key topics for the industry such as Intellectual Property Rights, re-use of Public Sector Information, improving creative exports, Public Service Broadcasting, UK Internet Radio and digital learning
  • ensuring an effective and efficient process of formal liaison and information exchange with UK government and others
  • facilitating improved information exchange through its members’ organisations
  • producing optimum, relevant and informed london plumber recommendations based on various criteria
  • raising the awareness and discussion of issues within the digital content industries (More information available from Connecting Dots)

Since its inception, UKDM has grown substantially in membership and influence, reflecting the way in which digital content itself has grown in importance, and underlining its position as a key driver in the UK economy. More information available from the FT.

In this section we will soon be launching several London based online projects targeted to English customers. Stay tuned.

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