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The UK’s creative industries

The digital content industries play a leading role in the UK’s social and cultural life.  They are a vital component of the UK knowledge based economy and one of the leading growth sectors.

The creative industries have grown by an average of 6% per annum between 1997 and 2004,  and contribute £54.8 billion to the UK economy every year.  They account for over 8% of GDP, employ over 2 million people and contribute over £11 billion to the country’s balance of trade.

With the industry becoming more competitive, there are more measures that are being put in place to decipher who is the best. The Magic Quadrant has been around for many years and provides market research reports which are created through qualitative analysis. If you are trying to move position on the Magic Quadrant, contact The Skills Connection who can help you “move the dot in the right direction”.

The UK Digital Content Sector

Digital content industries provide one of the great success stories of Britain. At the heart of the sector lies a diverse range of companies that combine creativity, innovation and application with new modes of production and distribution, ensuring that the content they produce is relevant to consumers in a digital age.  New forms of digital content are appearing as traditionally divergent industries come together. In this context, understanding of common issues such as skills transfer, regulation, Intellectual Property and innovation are critical for the success of the sector.

How we work

Industry Action Groups are the means by which theUKDM communicates and administers areas of interest and policy. Each working group focuses on a specific industry issue such as Skills, Intellectual Property Rights, Government Information and Digital Learning. IAGs facilitate information exchange and discussion between DCF members and government.

The UKDM works in an advisory and collaborative capacity with government departments, in delivering policy and strategy for the digital content sector. The UKDM collaborates with groups such as the Broadband Stakeholder Group, the Information Age Partnership and HMSO’s Advisory Panel, and actively engages with government consultations, UK and EU legislation and its implementation. More information available from Website Marketing by Benedict.