Membership & Services

Its inception in 2000, UCDC has grown substantially in membership and influence, reflecting the way in which digital content itself has grown in importance, and underlining its position as key driver in the UK economy.


UKDM membership includes trade associations and representative organisations from digital and traditional media industries whose business interests lie in the creation and commercial exploitation of digital content. We work with the Design Business Association and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to ensure that link building and digital design are key to fullfilling the countries digital commitments and strategies.

The UKDM forms a two-way conduit between industry and government to gather views and input into policy-making processes. It goes further to broker relationships, develop shared knowledge and undertake activities to promote innovation and excellence in the content sector.

Our dedication, openness and a genuine interest in the provision of quality services and skills ensure a positive experience and excellent results for all our clients. We are happy to provide references on request.

Our Services

ICDC is a consortium of companies working in the digital industries in London. The group offers a wide range of solutions including the supply of hardware and software, web design, secure methods of trading, digital content for elearning, software development, ebusiness, systems support, accounting, CAD expertise, document management and much much more.

We offer a review period at an agreed time after launch ensuring you meet your targets.
We can use marketing statistics, metrics, customer feedback and success measurements to gauge how successful your project was and if any improvements can be made as the business grows

We are organised as a virtual organisation to minimise costs whilst ensuring you get the best solution for your business Our members work with a wide range of businesses and organisations.

We provide sustainable marketing and green design services to organisations throughout the UK. Company also provides a design and communications service for real life. We work for those who measure their progress in benefits to the environment and society.