Our Successful Clients

Below is a list of companies that we have worked with to help expand their brand and promote their business. Please Note: we have not worked with every company that is listed, but we are hoping to in the near future.

UK Internet Radio

This group was set up moderate a debate aimed at finding a balance between the requirements of the Internet radio stations and the music rights holders, in order to create an environment where a dynamic UK Internet Radio sector could grow.

The London Look

Talented and charming columnists bring something very special to this fashion magazine. – great advice and tips on dealing with trauma, low self esteem and grief from the wonderful Chloe Richards, and Controversial rants about the media and showbiz from Mr Dimelow.

Digital Media Group

The digital media group promotes the use of digital content in education and learning with emphasis on the issues and changes in the relationship between user and provider.

The Industry Action Group has specific focus on: funding; Intellectual Property Rights; aggregation/dis-aggregation; granularity; e-commerce mechanisms that facilitate content distribution. All of our services are DDA Compliant.

Exterion Media

The team at Exterion Media specialise in OOH advertising, from public transport such as buses, to underground stations in the local and regional areas of Manchester.

A huge part of their business is working alongside First Bus and using their buses as a platform for advertising. Click here.

They help other businesses promote their company and expand their brand and are one of the top advertising agencies in the UK.


We work closely with Business Link and Seo Agency to deliver the best business advice and funding for business within the UK.

Skills IAG

Concentrating on issues related to alignment and development of skills required to meet the needs of the digital content sector. Currently leading on the Skills for Interactive Media Research being completed by Skillset and the Publishing NTO.

Cyber Crime

The Cyber Crime Industry Action Group is currently in recess whilst a Publishers Association Code of Practice is in trial at the PA. The group works to  promote systems and processes by which the digital content industries can keep track of developments for combating cyber crime globally.

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